1. Did it really have to be those trans people getting arrested to notice things in Greece are wrong though?

      Only your hyper-sensitive, tumblr-friendly LGBT feels count towards the current events in Greece? YEAH I know what they did to these people is absolutely horrible and I’d NEVER say that is unimportant. However, this is a side-effect of greatest things happening in Greece right now.

      Did you just notice that neo-fascism is among us? And it’s not going to affect only these groups in particular but everyone?

      Have you heard that children are malnourished, that unemployment for young Greeks is at 65%, that the public tv and radio channel are getting closed, that most of the people working in the goverment carry guns (i can’t find a non-greek source for that), that women’s position in Greece is getting worse day by day, that there is a neo-nazi party in the gorverment, and that particular party is one of the reasons of numerous racist attacks?

      Yet all I read from people outside of Greece is that Greeks hate Germany, that we are poor, lazy bastards. NO, SHUT UP. Come live a week in the centre of Athens, where homelessness and drug use have become a common, everyday phenomenon. Come and watch middle-class people picking food from the garbage. Come and enjoy one of the worst educational and health systems in Europe. Come and work here, getting paid 490 euros per month, working 8 hours a day - sometimes even weekends or holidays - and consider yourself lucky if you are paid on time! Come and watch how joyful our reality is, because as a result of all these, suicide and depression rates have risen to a dangerous degree.

      What a nice world we are living in

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        hell i live in a freaking village with less than 2000 and yesterday i saw a man sleeping near the garbage in the middle...
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