1. since a lot of you are using this theme, I decided to update it a bit
      so here it is!! koduck’s furrykuri redux edit #6 redone wooo

      codes & info under the cut

      #6 FURRYKURI redux edit:  LIVE PREVIEW // ABOUT
      CODES: PSB | TNY | FTH

      • (please read the about link above before installing as all the basic info is  there thank)
      • added option to move all the content either to the right or to the left // if you choose on the left, you’ll have to move the sidebar righter (put a very high number in SidebarLeft text option)
      • fixed some issues with the links
      • you can now upload a favicon, a sidebar background and a sidebar image
      • added optional dashed/dotted/solid borders
      • added option to put sideimg on top of sidebar (please tick this only if you hava a small sideimg, otherwise it’ll hover over the links and they won’t work)
      • removed the fonts and put consolas. you can put whatever font you want though by finding and replacing every “font-family:consolas;”.
      • added lazyload effect.
      • made the permapixel 7px. it’s tiny, but I want it that way. You’ll have to put small pixels (or favicons). If you want bigger permapixels, find and remove the two ” height=”7” ”  in the code.
      • made the hover post effect (which made the post shadow and the borders disappear) optional
      • you can now change the text in links type 4 menu

      [[image sources: x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x]]

      Meta tags are updated; what you see in the live preview is what you get!

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