im sandy & im sorry i like ducks & i wish u were a sim

Stay the Same

Transparedux redone i literally can’t theme

I’ve also included a halloween version check it out

codes & info under the cut

#10 TRANSPAREDUX redux edit:  LIVE PREVIEW  // INFO (read it or i’ll) 

  • please. please read the info link before installing
  • put an option for black posts too (you can define the opacity on them as well)
  • fixed some link problems
  • the captions don’t have that awkward gap anymore
  • put a float script to scare all your followers
  • changed the body font to consolas
  • added optional post/sidebar shadows
  • change the text in the button menu
  • i really didn’t change much
  • that’s it

i just wanted to do just one ~ halloween ~ thing in tumblr ok thank you happy halloween goodbye

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